Braces for Kids & Teens

As your child grows up, their adult teeth can become crooked or misaligned and may require corrective care. When other dental treatments can’t fix their teeth, it might be time to consider getting your child braces from True Dental Care for Kids & Teens.

Braces are a long-term treatment that can straighten out your child’s teeth over the course of a year or longer. If their misaligned teeth are left untreated, your child can develop an over- or under-bite, problems talking and even infections in their mouth and gums. At True Dental Care for Kids & Teens, we want your child to have healthy teeth and gums and to enjoy the benefits of a straight smile down the road. 

Space Maintainers

Orthodontic care only requires space maintainers if the primary tooth is lost and the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. The space maintainer serves to hold that space open until the permanent tooth erupts.

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Habit Therapy

One of the most important services your dentist provides as he gets to know your child over time is stopping bad oral habits that can cause serious complications down the road. And that’s in addition to promoting general good tooth health habits.

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Childhood and adolescence are the best times for your child to receive braces because their jaws and faces are still growing, whereas adults are fully grown and commonly have previous dental work done that can make getting braces more complicated. Get answers to some of the most common questions regarding childhood braces.

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